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Providing Ability after CAD

Our contact details :

bullet        e-mail         cadability@charter.net.nz
bullet        Snail mail   P.O. Box 48-117, Blockhouse Bay, Auckland, New Zealand.
bullet        Mobile        021 664 769

Our Services :
bullet     Civil and Structural Design.
bullet Architects - As built Floor Plans, Structural Design Service, Site Management and Civil Engineering Services.
bullet Surveyors - As built Plans, JTOC AutoCAD Specification , Contour Plan and Digital Terrain Model (DTM) Service.
bulletSite Developers - Draughting Plan Service and Master builder.
bulletClient Presentations
bulletMechanical - 3D Shaded Prototypes.
bullet     Local Authorities.
bulletGIS Capture - Field capture and assessment into Digital Capture.
bulletSubdivision DTM - Convert plans into Terrain Models.
bulletDesign and Draughting Service - Professional contract service.
bulletData to CAD Linkages - Link Data base tables to AutoCAD files.
bulletCAD to GIS - Seamless transfer to GIS packages.
bullet        AutoCAD Contract Operators Inhouse or Offsite.

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