General Information Sheet: 10th May, 2002

All of the following is supplied as a guide only and no responsibilities are implied or accepted by the writers. It is intended to contribute to your wellbeing and good times.

Information supplied is accurate at time of printing and can be subject to change without notice.

Refer to our Current Season Rates for your itinerary costs.

 Hire Agreement

bulletContact bookings for our Hire Agreement and Terms and Conditions.


bulletSummer Time.
bulletShuttle pickup Auckland 0900 hrs.
bulletAssembly at yacht from 0930 hrs.
bulletDeparture of yacht at 1000 hrs.
bulletWinter Time.
bulletShuttle pickup Auckland 0900 hrs.
bulletAssembly at yacht from 1000 hrs.
bulletDeparture of yacht at 1030 hrs.


bulletShuttle service can be arranged for your pickup and/or return:-
bulletFrom the Airport.
bulletFrom your accommodation.
bulletTour vehicle can be arranged for you:-
bulletIn or around the city.
bulletDay Tours.
bulletSightseeing, Special Interest, Golf.


bulletBefore, after or during your adventure we can arrange : 
bulletHotel accommodation at Novotel Auckland.
bullet Backpackers accommodation in Ponsonby, Auckland. 
bulletHome Stay on the Mainland.
bulletFarm Stay on an Island in the Hauraki Gulf.
bullet Lodge on an Island.


bulletAll guest are required to make their own insurance arrangements or make sure that our activity is covered in your travel insurance.
bulletInsuring against broken travel arrangements would be advised if weather conditions restrict our return at expected time. Due to weather we CAN NOT guarantee returning at schedule times.


bulletIt is a condition of our Insurance Company that there is no smoking permitted below decks.
bulletFor the comfort of everybody on board smoking is only permitted down wind from all guests.


bulletThe over consumption of alcohol does reduce the ability of the individual to maintain a stable position and does result in some very nasty cuts after falls. A severe knock on the head coupled with falling overboard while the vessel is moving will probable result in approximately 5 - 10 minutes before we return to our last position recorded by the GPS "Man-Over-Board" system. So for safety’s sake the over consumption is not allowed but moderation and accepted practices with meals is enjoyed.

 America’s Cup Information

bulletRacing starts at 1030 hrs.
bulletRacing finishes at 1630 hrs.

Louis Vuitton Begins October 2002

Round Robin 1 1st Oct - 11th Oct
Round Robin 2 22nd Oct - 1st Nov
Quarter Finals 12th Nov - 19th Nov
Quarter Finals Repecharge 23rd Nov - 30th Nov
Semi Finals 9th Dec - 16th Dec
Semi Finals Repecharge 20th Dec - 28th Dec
Cup Finals 11th Jan - 21st Jan


America’s Cup Racing begins February 2003
Race 1 15th Feb
Race 2 16th Feb
Race 3 18th Feb
Race 4 20th Feb
Race 5 22nd Feb
Race 6 23rd Feb
Race 7 25th Feb
Race 8 27th Feb
Race 9 1st March

Note - Rest days and reserve days are included in the dates above as the conditions of racing require minimum and maximum wind conditions before racing can commence.


You must pack suitable clothing for protection against :-


As NZ is very dangerous for the burning of skin due to the ultra violet rays emitted by the sun and the hole in the Ozone layer.


As the weather can change rapidly when out on the water with rain and/or salt water spray from wind.


If the weather changes for the worst then the air or wind can be very cold. Also evenings on the water can be cool.


You must provide for :-


Please wear white soled or non marking soled footwear whilst walking the decks of the yacht.

bulletGoing ashore

Some footwear that is suitable for stepping into saltwater and protection from sharp shells or rocks can save some nasty cuts and infections.

bulletWalks ashore

Suitable light walking footwear for casual walks along our lovely sandy foreshore, in the dunes or up to the shop for an ice cream.


Good sturdy tramping footwear for the adventurer that wants to wander off into the wilderness is a necessity.


bulletOn board

Soft baggage is required on board for the ease of stowage and minimising of damage to the vessel and your enjoyment.

bulletGoing ashore

A lightweight backpack for the sun protection, snacks, camera, footwear and jumper is ideal.


Tea, coffee, sugar and milk supplied.

Meals supplied onboard on request from "Ripples Cafe on The Marina"

bulletBreakfast Tray
bulletLunch Box
bulletDinner Pack

Meals before or after Adventure from "Ripples Cafe on The Marina".


bulletNote. Whilst you are most encouraged to participate in as many activities as we can find, due to the differing abilities of all our guest we can not look after everybody’s health and safety and supply the appropriate equipment.

A selection of boat rods are on board.


You MUST ONLY swim within your own capabilities.


Please supply your own equipment ONLY IF you are able to safely snorkel and accept responsibility for yourself.

 Travel connections


We can arrange pick-up from your arrival location if pre arranged for groups up to 7 , 9 or 10 per van.


Please be aware that the weather sometimes plays a major role in determining whether we move on the water or not. The skippers decision is final in determining whether the vessel moves to the destination or not, even if the possibility of missing a travel connection can not be avoided. We have cell phone and radio phone communications available for your rearrangement of travel commitments and accept no liability what so ever for inconveniences or costs incurred as a result of any decisions made or weather encountered.


bulletA booking is not confirmed until the deposit is received.


bulletBooking Fee

A non-refundable portion of the total charter fee equal to 33% of the total charter fee.


A one third of total charter fee is required within 7 days of booking.


The remaining balance of the total charter fee is due before 50 days before sailing departure date.


bulletA sailing departure date is not confirmed until the full fee has been received.


bulletWhilst we don’t want cancellations we would first offer the next available closest time slot to suit.

Prior to 50 days of sailing a refund less booking fee will be made.


Within 50 days, ONLY once a substitute charter is booked a refund less the booking fee will be refunded.


Incipient weather will result in a credit being made for another booking.


Skipper unavailability will result in a full refund if no alternative booking can be mutually arranged.