City of Sails
Day One
Depart 1000 hrs and sail over the America's Cup course's to the Rakino passage. Pick your spot for lunch either Woody Bay, West Bay, Mullet Bay or Home Bay. Over to Motuhue Island for a swim then Islington Bay for the night.
Day Two
After breakfast we will sail down to Auckland and ask permission to enter the America's Cup basin. A slow motoring around the circuit inside the basin looking at the various syndicates. Then have a look in the Westhaven Marina, under the harbour bridge and a look up the top of the harbour.
Day Three
Lets sail to the bottom end of Waiheke Island and park up for the night in Man-O-War Bay.
Day Four
Finish off our circumnavigation of Waiheke Island, back over the America's Cup courses and home.
1) ALL activities away from the yacht are at additional cost of the local operator.
2) Pickup time Auckland City 0900 hrs leaving 0915 hrs.