Yovanka,Barry & Friends 2001

Gerry waiting

What did Gerry eventually catch (see later on through the album).

PA200018.JPG (56982 bytes)

Fletcher lands the first fish.

Spirit of New Zealand

And its a Snapper.

The Spirit of New Zealand

The Spirit of New Zealand sails by.

2 Snapper

Look what 2 hooks do for Peter.

Peter also catch's the sharks

As long as they don't get any bigger.

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Fletcher catch's another (so did everybody as you will see later).

Jairo catching now

Look no bait either.

Gerald again

Gerald does it again.

Peter also catch's the sharks

The spirit returns to Auckland.

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Lets go swimming.

Di catch's some snapper

Diana catch's more snapper.

Gerald caught the biggest

Gerald bags the biggest snapper.

The outings catch

Look what we all caught.