Hen and Chicken Islands (Taranga & Marotiri Islands)

Taranga Island (The Hen) is the largest island of the group. It has a conspicuous double peak at its highest point named The Pinnacles. The water around this island is very deep along with the sides of the island being very steep.

Anchorage and landing (with permission) is possible at Witches Cove. The deep, blue water close into the shoreline, coupled with the birds singing, make this anchorage worthwhile when possible. Connected  with a short passage across from Smugglers Bay on the mainland you can imagine all sorts of sea stories.

Sail Rock just to the south is a very visible land mark even from the main north highway from Auckland to Whangarei and is a common mark used for yacht racing.

Marotiri Islands (The Chickens) consists of four separate islands lying east to west of each other and to the north of Taranga Island. All these islands are wildlife sanctuaries and require permission to land on.

The four islands in the group are from west to east named Mauitaha Island, Lady Alice Island, Wharupuke Island and Coppermine Island.

One of the anchorages is Starfish Bay where the photos below were taken.

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