Motutara Island

Meaning "Gull Island"

Motutara Island is part of the Kaitu Kala Islands together with Moturekareka Island and Motuketekete Island.

Motutara Island has an excellent sandy beach an was once a quarry island. The ruins of the quarry jetty being on the shore.

Moturekareka Island

Meaning "Pleasant Island"

This island is joined to Motutara by reefs. It was once the home of the renowned hermit Charles Hanson, who purchased the steel sailing ship "Rewa" and had her towed to the island by tug and sunk as a breakwater. Unfortunately the hull settled in the wrong place leaving a rather small harbour but the remaining hull today makes for interesting snorkling.

The "Rewa" is featured in John Wray’s book the "South Sea Vagabonds".

Motuketekete Island

Meaning "Food Basket Island"

This island was a copper smelting base prior to the construction of the large smelting house in Bon Accord Harbour, Kawau Island.

We use the navigational light on Motuketekete Island for our night passage up to Kawau Island as we go through South Channel heading for Martello Rock light. We must keep at least 150 m to the east of the light as a reef protrudes out from the island and is marked with a beacon. On the other side of South Channel is Passage Rock and Beehive Island.