Mokohinau Islands

Meaning "Treasured Islands of unique flora and fauna"

This small group of rugged islands lie about 100km northeast of Auckland and 25km northwest of Great Barrier Island.

Burgess Island, the northernmost of the group and recognised by its lighthouse, is open to the public. Most of Burgess (Pokohinu) Island is scenic reserve manages by the Department of Conversation, the remainder of Crown Land administered by the Ministry of Transport. There are no tracks or facilities on the Island.  Visitors are asked to be sensitive to the special conservation values of this small 50ha island. The remainder of the islands (including Fanal, Flax and Trig Islands) and small stacks are nature reserves and protected wildlife sanctuaries, and landing is not permitted without a permit.

The Mokohinau Islands (called Pokohinu by Maori) are a taonga (treasure) with many special places. National reserves like the Mokohinau protect natural, historic and cultural heritage for all New Zealanders, and help safeguard the biodiversity of the planet.

The tangata whenua of the Mokohinau, Ngati Rehua, hapu of Ngati Wai, have a spiritual, cultural and historical relationship with their taonga.

Because of their isolated location at the edge of the continental shelf, the Mokohinau Islands are home for unique wildlife species found nowhere else in New Zealand, or the world.

The Mokohinau Islands Nature Reserves provide a safe refuge for some of New Zealand's smallest endangered species, including the Mokohinau skink, the robust skink, the Mokohinau stag beetle and several threatened plants. Several species of burrowing and ground-nesting seabirds find refuge on the islands, as well as a range of forest birds.

The Mokohinau Islands are a dramatic backdrop for boats exploring surrounding waters. Spectacular coastal formations include high cliffs, stacks, guts and sea caves. The waters themselves are clear and offer splendid diving opportunities.

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