Tititiri Matangi Island

Meaning "Buffeted by the wind"

Titititi was purchased by the Crown in 1841 and by the end of 1900 had been cleared of nearly all of its original coastal forest. In 1971 Tiritiri was added to the Hauraki Gulf Maritime Park. Since 1984 the island is being reafforested with locally propagated native trees that have been planted out on the island by thousands of volunteers of all ages.

With the reafforestation many endangered native birds have been successfully introduced to the island. Amongst these birds are the Tui, Takahe, Saddleback that can all be viewed from along one of the many tracks across the island and also stop at one of the many advantage rest points were the wildlife come to drink from the bird bath.

Tititiri also has a 20 metre high lighthouse which has guided ships on the Gulf since 1865. The lighthouse is now fully automated and powered with solar light.

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